Best Point And Click Puzzle Games

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Best Point And Click Puzzle Games – What is a game without a complex game? Is it a real video game unless we’re forced to learn a lot of key combinations and practice hand-eye coordination? According to the best point and click games, the game is not the driving force behind a fun game.

The point and click model is different from others. There is no fun gameplay to attract the masses, just a deep and engaging story at the center of it all. A point-and-click search has no legs, unless it’s a short story. The names on this list should be considered the most important and the most important and click games of all time.

Best Point And Click Puzzle Games

Best Point And Click Puzzle Games

One minute, you’re riding down a busy highway in a busy city. Another, on the high seas to cross large spaces in a wooden boat. It’s just another day in the life of April Ryan, the main character of The Longest Journey.

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As a Shifter, April can travel between parallel universes. When he teleported to the White Dragon kingdom, he found himself the hero of a dangerous journey. Some say “the longest journey”.

Players travel and click through multiple universes and solve complex puzzles to help April solve the mystery of the White Dragon’s warning. The Longest Journey shows a special example of people who hope to stop the search for April or all the activities.

Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 made horror video game history. However, this is not your typical point and click trip.

While the genre usually revolves around multiple open worlds and deep exploration, Freddy 2 takes place over five nights divided into nine rooms. The only way to learn is to switch between cameras from the security office.

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Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 is all about survival as you try to navigate an inferno of animatronics that fill you with a mechanical suit. Things get even more difficult when you stay up all night trying to protect the performance and power of your limited hardware.

There are many sequels, but Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 is a solid experience that adds to the horror, increases the challenge, and stays true to the scale of the original. at.

Ever wanted to live the adventures of a Border Patrol agent? Lucas Papa can help make your wildest dreams come true on Paper.

Best Point And Click Puzzle Games

Okay, so the trip isn’t short, and it’s like a day to day as a member of the Border Patrol. When you work with documents, you will check information, fingerprints and passports at the border of Grestin. Trust me, it’s a little harder than it looks.

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After a six-year war against Colekia, the Arstotzka state regained half of the city of Grestin. As a lucky winner of the Labor Lottery, your job is to make sure that no bad people from Kolechia live on the side of Arstotzka Gresti. Unfortunately, you have old tools from the Department of Admissions that you are providing.

In fact, all you have to do is click on passports and regional maps to see if a person can cross the border. Any defects in their documents will be returned when you capture them. Every working day brings new challenges that require a sharp eye. It’s definitely not a game for players looking for fast-paced action.

A car accident victim doesn’t seem to wake up on a sick refugee, but here we are. The Sanitarium plays in a man’s shoes and belts, not remembering why he was accepted in many schools. With your mouse and your senses, you have to show him to the hospital and solve puzzles to find out the truth.

Sanity has a lot to offer, but it’s even harder when you look at how amnesia connects the worlds. There is definitely something wrong with this refuge, but you can only find the truth behind the main characters through research.

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How long have you enjoyed musical tours featuring great talent like Tim Curry, Mark Hamill, Leah Remini, Michael Dorn, Jim Cummings and Rocky Carroll? It’s not normal. Yes, if you play in the early 90s with Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Father.

What appears to be a classic soap opera is a show that combines all those popular locations with star power. Curry stars as Gabriel Knight, the owner of a rare bookstore who becomes involved in a series of gruesome murders. Gabriel has puzzles to solve in order to find clues that lead down a dark magical path and into his past.

It’s a 20-year-old 3D remake of 2014’s Gabriel Knight, but none of the character Curry and Hamill brought to the table in 1993.

Best Point And Click Puzzle Games

LucasArts released some high-profile video games years before the way of the dodo; You never know, not everything in the Star Wars universe. Dig puts players in control of Boston Lowe in a position and click pattern set in deep space.

Gabriel Knight: Sins Of The Fathers

Click into this intergalactic story and discover the reality of alien technology and extraterrestrial life. “Wrath” has many branches that lead to the pursuit of low-level players in both sports.

The Dig features voice work from Robert Patrick (Terminator 2) and Stephen Bloom, and seamlessly integrates 2D animation and pre-release 3D animation. produced by ILM. The environment and the beautiful score will help you find one of the best places and you will get your hands on it.

Originally released in 1993, The Day of the Tentacle was remade in 2016 as a remaster. No matter which model you play, you will go on a fun adventure that will send you to explore an amazing world.

The game takes place 5 years after the events of Maniac Mansion (1987), when the Scarlet Mansion underwent a terrible transformation. Dr. Fred Edison, a mad scientist who is smart enough to rule the world, falls into the saddle. To prevent his own destruction, Green Tentacle calls upon his old friend Bernard Bernoulli.

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Bernard and his companions, Laverne and Hoagie, are sent back in time to stop the Crimson Tentacle from changing over time. Arranged in several stages, players must find their way to the Crimson Tent one day before it changes.

On the contrary, it seems to increase the experience. While the remaster is a faithful recreation, you cannot play the original game at this level.

In the early to mid 90s, LucasArts had a thing for advertising and social media. Sam & Max Hit the Road is one of many, but it stands out for its many achievements, including the story, voice acting, music, and cinematography.

Best Point And Click Puzzle Games

Players can look to Sam and Max as they travel across the country to solve a problem. It’s a random phone call that tells the story of Sam & Max Hit the Road and it’s a no-nonsense, fun from start to finish. Their story is told through the interactions of the players with their environment.

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Solve puzzles, explore the detailed environment, and ask the strange as you discover where Sam and Max are sent on their epic journey to the cross over.

Ah, twice is good. We can always count on you when we are ready to take you to another world. If it’s not a psychedelic school or an area where music is a weapon, it’s a place where women are sacrificed to angels and a lonely man is kept at a day job by an AI control.

Broken Age tells two similar stories, but players will spend a good part of the morning trying to figure it out. The two characters are voiced by Elijah Wood and Masasa Moyo, which is a 2 act story. The deeper you go, the clearer the connection between the two. Broken Age may not add anything new to the genre, but Double Fine’s focus on good stories makes it worth playing.

Along with being one of the best platforms and media platforms, Broken Age helped establish Kickstarter as a viable way to raise money for games.

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1982’s Blade Runner created a fascinating world of bioengineered humans and creatures. With titles by Harrison Ford and Rutger Hauer, the hyperfuturistic movie was shot in the last cult. Later, it helped increase the popularity of the video game, which was released 15 years after the film.

Point-and-click adventures aren’t what Deckard is all about, but don’t let that stop you. As the Hero, Ray McCoy may not be as good a character as Ford’s Deckard, but he fills the void well.

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