Best Point And Click Escape Games

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Best Point And Click Escape Games – Point and Click games have dominated the gaming world for a long time, but they have not been a popular choice among gamers for a long time. In fact, some people reading this don’t even know what a point and click game is. I would explain, but his name is actually better than I can do.

Most point and click games seen today are escape rooms and other puzzles like The Room or Please Don’t Touch Anything; But one of the best genres of point and click games is horror. The meaning you can experience from basically pointing and clicking is masked by the uncertainty that can arise when starting something.

Best Point And Click Escape Games

Best Point And Click Escape Games

Developed by Dreampainters Software and released in 2012, Anna is set in an abandoned sawmill. You take on the role of a man who has forgotten what happened to him and must uncover the clues that will lead you to him. Part of what he discovers is Anna, an ancient goddess who lures people to worship her for her sake and forces everyone around her to kill or starve. Figuring out his history is an emotional roller coaster ride. New puzzles, environments, The advanced version is worth playing as it offers better graphics and new characters.

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Although originally released in 2002, Dark Fall has been re-released several times over the years. The first Dark Fall in 2003. In The Journey; then twice in 2009; Then 2013 for Steam. Dorset, You play as Mr Crowhurst, who receives a message from his brother who works at an abandoned railway station and hotel in Dorset. His brother asked him to come to the repair place and he said he saw something that some ghost hunters also saw there. It’s your job to go there and find out what happened.

One of the latest entries on this list, Arrest was published in 2017 by Red Candle Games. Although it was recently released, It takes players back to Taiwan in the 1960s. Here, You are a student at school. As you walk through the building, you’ll find clues about the school’s history and how it got there. Schools are a surprisingly good environment for these kinds of games.

Jump scares will be a staple of any type of horror game. They’re a cheap way to surprise players, and they’re easy to do. But what?

They base their whole game on it and the result is very good. Arguably the most popular title on this list, though. This game series started in 2014 and has since released ten main series with many spin-offs. You are a security guard who must take care of the restaurant’s animatronic characters who are not very friendly at night. to succeed You must follow all the cameras for five nights.

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It is an indie game from Killmonday Games. Fran Bow is the name of a little girl who meets a tragic fate after her parents are murdered. After trying to get out into the forest, He is his cat Mr. Midnight wakes up in a mental institution on a mission to escape. solve puzzles, Interact with characters and find items to help you along the way. The art style here is unsettling and gives the game an eerie feel.

Fran Bow isn’t the only Killmonday Games here. They also developed Little Misfortune, which actually takes place in the same universe as the aforementioned game. If you like one, you will like the other. This is a little more dark, imaginative and creepy than true horror, but its aura is creepy enough and has enough scary moments to warrant this list. You play as a hapless girl who is convinced by a voice she hears to leave home and go on some sort of adventure. Like Fran Bow, Narrative is key here.

Oxenfree is developed and published by Night School Studio and is their debut offering. Like Little Misfortune, It’s played from a 2.5D perspective, which means it looks 3D, but it can only move like 2D. It’s a story-driven game, but there are no cutscenes here. A little girl attends a party on an island that seems to be ruled by something supernatural. If you’re a fan, you’ll be excited to know that a sequel is coming. Oxenfree II: Lost Signals has been in development for some time and will be released later this year.

Best Point And Click Escape Games

Developed by Steve Gabry, Sally Face is a game that follows a boy of the same name with a fake face. The game is divided into five parts. At first, Sally and her father move into an apartment with a slightly strange crime scene to investigate. This sets them up for a terrifying adventure.

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Created by DreamForge Entertainment (DotEmu for android and iOS), Sanitarium was released on Windows in 1998 and on iOS in 2015. It follows a man who wakes up in a restroom and wraps around why he’s there. Yes, Because this is a scary list, The sanatorium was far from normal.

In Serena, a man is his wife; I’m looking forward to the main character, but I don’t remember anything about her. As she explored the room that awaited her, Nearby objects remind her of their relationship, and the answers send you on an emotional adventure. The important thing is that this game is completely free to download and play; However, the bad news was very short-lived. The entire event should only take 60-90 minutes.

Released in 2005, Still Life was developed by Microïds and is technically a sequel to a 2002 game called Post Mortem, but you can certainly enjoy it blind. The game follows FBI agent Victoria McPherson on her quest to uncover the identity of a serial killer. He knew of other murders that had happened on his way before.

Cat Lady is a very interesting psychological horror because it puts you in the shoes of your so-called enemy. You play as Susan, a middle-aged woman with depression and suicidal thoughts. But he meets a woman who promises him a happy life only if he kills five people. With no family or friends to live for, Susan accepts the challenge and it’s your job to get out there and kill the targets. Trippy Hmm.

Best Point And Click Games Of All Time

If you know anything about the Telltale series, you already know what to expect here. The Walking Dead game is discussed for one of their best games. Here you follow Lee just before the zombie scene begins. Lee, like The Last Of Us, They find Clementine, who tries to lead a girl named Clementine to a sanctuary. If you’ve ever been a fan of the series, it’s a must-see.

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The point and click adventure genre is unique among others. There is no clever trick to attract the masses. It’s just a deep and compelling story that isn’t the center of it all. Without a strong narrative, There’s no leg to stand on in a one-click adventure. That’s what makes the titles on this list even more impressive, calling them the best point and click games of all time.

Best Point And Click Escape Games

Ride the dirty subway under the bustling city in one minute. Then you sail across the wide open sea on a wooden ship. It’s just another day in the life of April Ryan, the protagonist of The Longest Journey.

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As a “Shifter”, April can move between parallel universes. When he unwittingly left for the White Dragon’s Realm, He finds himself the hero of an extraordinary journey. Some would even say it was “the longest journey”.

Players click their way through multiple universes and solve complex puzzles to help unravel the mystery of April’s warning of the White Dragon. That’s it

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