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The Xbox Game Pass library is a huge catalog of content to dive into, but if you’re up for the challenge of focusing on one game and willing to devote dozens of hours to that title, you can’t go wrong with a good one. old open world sandbox You can find many of them in the Game Pass collection, but which ones are the best? It’s complicated because some people like to explore ancient cities, others prefer a more leisurely approach, and some would rather break the rules of the road with reckless (and broken) abandon. Below, we’ve compiled a list of the best Game Pass open source games from a variety of genres, studios, and publishers to help you decide which game is best for your taste. As a reminder, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate costs $15 per month and offers access to exclusive Xbox titles on day one, in addition to many third-party games.

Best Open World Games On Xbox

Best Open World Games On Xbox

New games are added to the Xbox Game Pass library every month, and some titles typically leave the service every month as well. For this reason, our list of the best open world games for Game Pass will also change over time. We highly recommend using Xbox Game Pass Ultimate as it gives you access to most games and gameplay. Ultimate comes with EA Play, access to online multiplayer and the ability to check your Xbox, PC and Xbox Cloud Gaming library through other devices such as smartphones. Meanwhile, the regular Xbox Game Pass subscription does not include online multiplayer or EA Play. And PC Game Pass, which costs the same as the regular service ($10), unsurprisingly only includes the PC library.

Best Open World Games You Can Play Right Now

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Ark: Survival Evolved may seem like your typical survival game with kid pro quo resource gathering game mechanics, but it goes beyond that idea by throwing players into a world full of deadly dinosaurs.

Foreigner Set in a landscape filled with relentless dangers and brutal obstacles, only those players with enough cunning, strength and adaptability will be able to survive in this harsh wilderness. Is it worth fighting for? Absolutely, because with enough effort, you will earn yourself an enjoyable dinosaur ride, which is more than enough reason to invest some time in this popular game before its end is available.

The Assassin’s Creed games have always had some of the best stealth settings, and the latest entries have given players a scenic journey into the ancient world. While England’s feudal Valhalla and the Mediterranean island of Odysseus are undoubtedly fascinating, Origin is perhaps the most fascinating thanks to its stunning recreation of ancient Egypt. From its epic pyramids to the beautiful waters of the Nile, there is something magical about Egypt that has been lost in the sands of time.

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Pure astronomical catharsis, Astroneer is all about exploring a small pocket of the universe. Seven uniquely designed planets, a low-pollution aesthetic, procedurally generated terrain, and complete freedom to recreate life in these rocky orbs make Astroneer’s approach to exploration a tangible reflection and hard to beat progress.

When your sandbox is directly inspired by one of the greatest Guns ‘n Roses songs of all time, it has to be something special. With the release of Burnout: Paradise, racing games and special cities took off, and years later, its sharp remasters proved why it is one of the best in its class. Paradise City’s long stretches of smooth asphalt, twists and turns and hidden streets make it a perfect place to burn tires, with a huge collection of power-ups to collect and use, high-speed chases and crash-causing collisions always feel fantastic. This exhibition of classic car culture.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 certainly checks all the boxes for a fantasy land, but the real joy is that you can change the landscape at will with Minecraft-inspired buildings. In a surprisingly great RPG direction with some great building elements, this sequel is a great improvement over the original and one of the most satisfying action RPGs of these years. It has a time of at least 50 hours, but there is a good chance you will want to play it again.

Best Open World Games On Xbox

A Norse sandbox full of dragons, dark wizards, and knights who have dropped one too many arrows on their knees, Skyrim’s chilly landscape is almost as impressive to explore today as it was more than a decade ago. Comprised of towering mountains, castles and underground kingdoms, Skyrim always has something to do and adventure is never too far away. The latest next-gen update keeps Bethesda’s masterpiece better than ever, and with its world-based expansion, it’s never too late to re-immerse yourself in the realm of dungeons, dragons and badger gods.

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While its campaign may be polarizing, there’s no denying that Far Cry 5’s Montana region is a stunning example of digital tourism. Remote forests, small towns and wildlife sanctuaries have a distinct frontier feel to them, and if you don’t mind meeting the occasional cult along the way, you’ll have a great time. There are sinister secrets, picturesque vistas and friendly locals to interact with; You can also rent cars, boats, and helicopters to help you explore this scenic Montana landscape.

Who would have thought that a mod for Skyrim could become one of the best games in 2021? In addition to landing in a luxurious Roman city lost in time, the Forgotten City makes you walk through chronic streets trying to prevent a fisherman from escaping the touch of Midas residents. It’s Columbo with a vintage twist as you must stop a crime using the power of forecasting and the time loop to save the day. To be clear, this is a less open-ended game than many of the other games on this list, but it still captures the spirit that makes the genre so compelling.

Last year’s Forza Horizon festival shifted gears from fun England to sunny Mexico, creating a racing experience that is lush, dynamic and full of fascinating stories. Not only does the Mexican landscape feature some fantastic driving routes, but Forza Horizon 5 also adds stories and adventures that make the journey feel more cohesive than ever. As a technical example of what the Xbox Series X|S consoles are capable of, all this brilliance is enhanced by the visual effects firing on all cylinders.

Beneath its beautiful design, Forager is all about the endless pursuit of making sweet money. You will feel some adventure capital the moment you are thrown into the simple world of the open game, always progress and earn some dollars that can be used to buy access to newer biomes. This freedom is what makes the journey so satisfying, and with tons of awesome Zelda-like dungeons to explore, you’ll be engrossed in Forager’s appeal for hours.

The Best Open World Games On Xbox Game Pass

Times have changed, but the idea of ​​a Halo game set on a giant space donut has never seemed out of date. Halo Infinite Master Chief’s return to strange alien architecture feels like a blast from the past, adding modern touches to the formula. Alien buildings look impressive, advanced bases of operations provide plenty of incentive to keep capturing new territory, and traversing the environment with a handy grappling hook makes traversing and combat better than ever.

The recent trilogy of Hitman games are not part of one general sandbox, but rather a series of smaller levels that create a world of killing. From Miami to Japan, each of these levels acts as a complex toy of possibilities as you pursue objectives, providing dozens of ways to eliminate monstrous people using various tools and karmic justice. All of them are beautifully detailed, hold many secrets and help tell a fantastic story of intrigue and murder. Hitman 3 gives the player complete freedom to approach each scenario as they see fit, which makes for some truly memorable (and fun) moments.

Few sandboxes are great, but few compare to Microsoft Flight Simulator because it allows you to explore the entire world from an aerial perspective. Using the latest photographic technology and satellite data, every part of the world will be rendered in stunning and

Best Open World Games On Xbox

Details. This makes flying over the beautiful cityscapes of Tokyo, the lush jungles of Peru and the deserts of Africa feel more alive than ever as you watch the planet from your cockpit.

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