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Atacado Games Paraguai – Anyone heading to Paraguay looking for games, electronics, computers and receivers will definitely put Atacado Games on their shopping list.

The store, located on the third floor of the Jebai shopping center, in Cidade do Leste, is currently the largest game distributor in Latin America, including Nintendo’s official retailer in the region. More than 15 thousand types of products are available for customers from different parts of the world.

Atacado Games Paraguai

Atacado Games Paraguai

In addition to Nintendo, this store works with other exclusive brands, such as: Funko, Viper (Patriot) and Go Box. It also serves Play Games and Apple users, among hundreds of others. In the case of “apple”, Atacado has become the official retailer, “with a lot of support and soon we will have news about Samsung”, added Atacado Games Marketing supervisor, Alessandra Gottlieb.

Atacado Games Conta Com Mais De 15 Mil Produtos

Despite being a reference in the toy market, Atacado now has Xiaomi products as its store flagship. “This is the most popular, it’s a blast at the moment, because of the price and the hardware”, explains Alessandra.

Another thing to note about the store is the investment in marketing. The sector employs 16 people and has excellent relationships with customers, through digital influencers (Rainy, Fernanda and John Dyne). Here, experts and popular in this field, bring games to life on social networks, create content for YouTube channels and much more. “We try to create our own content, sometimes we go beyond the limits of creation. For new channels, for example, we create cases and everything, to do something,” said Gottlieb.

Wholesale has been in the market for 23 years. “However, the growth that has taken place in the last three years has been tremendous. We believe that this year we will be the largest mobile phone retailer in the region,” said the supervisor.

The third edition of the Water from Space conference started this Monday morning (21), at Cineteatro dos Barrageiros, at Itaipu Binacional, in Foz do Iguaçu (PR).

Produtos Para Mulheres Que Você Encontra Na Atacado Games

The Justice in the Neighborhood program held a court service fair between November 29 and December 3 at Sesc da Vila A O.

The attraction starts at 3:30 pm with a magic show, distribution of popcorn, cotton candy, Christmas balloons and one of the most anticipated moments of the year, Black Friday 2021, in Cidade do Leste (Paraguay) , Expectations, both from tourists. and traders, high. The measure, which was not implemented in 2020 due to the pandemic, is back in effect this year.

Many local companies support the event, which is run by the Chamber of Commerce. To provide a better experience to tourists during the BF, the organization has informed that it will restrict vehicles on some roads in the micro-centre and will leave the route exclusively for pedestrians.

Atacado Games Paraguai

The big stores in Cidade del Leste will participate in Paraguay Black Friday 2021, which will take place from November 12 to 15, and each has its own promotional policy. The Atacado game, for example, even named the campaign itself. Called Games Friday, customers will find products with 80% off. “This will be the biggest Black Friday for electronics and IT in Paraguay. Our expectation is that sales will increase by 30 to 40% during this period,” said the commercial director of Atacado Games, Nany Ribeiro.

Loja Atacado Games No Paraguai

On November 12, 13 and 15, more than 2,700 products will be sold in stores. Computers, mobile phones and accessories, games, consoles, home products, watches, cameras, speakers and more will be available.

In the computer sector, for example, there are coolers from Aigo with a discount of almost 34% (From US $ 29.90 to US $ 19.90), portable chargers that cost 44% less (From US $ 10, 75 to US $ 6 00) and go chair from Darkflash for $99 (regular price is $145).

For those who want to buy an iPhone, Atacado Games will have several models with promotional value. 6 Plus can be bought with a discount of almost 44% (From US $ 99 to US $ 76). On the 8 Plus, savings will increase by 8% (from US$282 to US$259). This Sony headset will retail for $15.37, 50% off the regular price.

For those who love nostalgia, there are many retro consoles on sale, like this one from Dig Dug, which will cost US $ 14.90. The PlayStation 2, which is still one of the most popular among the masses, will sell for US$59. Pro Nacon V3 will be 16% off, and many games will be 70% off.

Blog Da Atacadogames

Wholesalers also sell many electronic devices, such as televisions. The 60-inch LG will be $165 (From $745 to $579.99). This Motorola camera will cost US$15, almost 70% less (US$49.90).

Promotion takes place on 12, 13 and 15 November. On Friday and Monday (12 and 15), the shop will be open from 06:00 to 17:00. Already on Saturday (13), from 06h to 16h. All promotions can be accessed from this Friday, 12.

Journalist graduated in Foz do Iguaçu (2008) and postgraduate student in Communication and Digital Marketing. 3rd place in Sangue Bom Journalism Award (PR Sindijor) – Integrated Communication Project in Social Media and Innovation in Communication (2014) Beautiful, modern and elegant space. This is what customers who come to Cidade do Leste (Paraguay) will find to buy at Atacado Games from now on.

Atacado Games Paraguai

This Monday, the 20th, the company – a specialist in games and information technology for 26 years – opened a new store, located on the 4th floor of Shopping Jebai Center, next to the parcel. The store is currently closed for renovations and will reopen soon.

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In addition to the player theme in green and black, with LED lights, customers have a very comfortable environment (140m

) to do their shopping. The new space has chairs, for example, so people will have a better experience in the store.

Partners Leonardo Testoni and Alef Alexandre, from Porto Velho, Rondonia, got to know the new space last week, when it was operating in a soft open system, and approved the location. “I was blown away by the shop, I didn’t expect this structure,” said Alef. “It’s our first time in Cidade do Leste. Atacado Games was recommended by a friend, who has worked in the region for 10 years. We buy a lot of products to sell in our store,” said Leonardo.

Atacado Sports is open Monday through Friday, from 6 a.m. to 4 a.m. and Saturday, from 6 a.m. to 3 a.m., Brazilian time.

Loja Multishop No Paraguai

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Journalist graduated in Foz do Iguaçu (2008) and postgraduate student in Communication and Digital Marketing. 3rd place in the Sangue Bom de Jornalismo Award (Sindijor PR) – Project for integrated communication in Social Media and innovation in communication (2014) With only 10 days before Christmas, the anticipation among the merchants of Cidade do Leste (Paraguay) is great . . According to the third vice president of the city’s Chamber of Commerce, Kenny Yuen, about 25,000 tourists are expected to cross the International Friendship Bridge every day to shop during the New Year holiday.

“The hotel chain in Foz do Iguaçu is very optimistic for the period. The hotels should have more than 80% occupancy by the end of the year,” stressed Yuen.

Atacado Games Paraguai

With increased traffic, between December 20 and January 6, the main companies in the micro center are ready to serve tourists. Atacado Games, for example, strengthened the team by hiring 60 new professionals. “We have expanded to meet the demand. The expectation is that sales will increase by around 30% during the period”, explained the commercial director of Atacado Games, Nany Ribeiro.

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With the dollar rate, companies have tried to simplify the shopping experience to attract customers. Atacado Games, in addition to reformulating its entire physical structure, implemented other forms of payment in the store. In addition to cash purchases, customers can now pay with pix or make payments up to 10 times on a card. “Our goal is to improve the customer’s shopping experience, so that he leaves the store happy,” said the manager.

Another great initiative of the store is the “End of the year” promotion, which will distribute prizes of R $ 100,000. To compete, simply buy any product from one of the participating brands. There are two chances to win: a scratch card with an instant prize of up to R$1,000.00 and a great draw with shopping vouchers of up to R$10,000.00. For more information about the promotion, see the full rules.

Another campaign that takes place at the end of the year is Solidarity Action Conectando Sonhos. In collaboration with Atacado Collections, the company will provide a computer lab as a gift to a needy school in Cidade do Leste.

The action includes the participation of Atacado Collections customers, who already contribute to the campaign when they buy any product from the Funko brand. Paulo Henrique, from Curitiba, visited the store with his son Henrique and praised the initiative. “I think it’s great, it’s a way for collectors

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