Argentina Qualification World Cup 2022

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Argentina Qualification World Cup 2022 – ‘Could be my last game in this shirt for Argentina’ – Angel Di Maria appears on the verge of international retirement Angel Di Maria could play his last game for Argentina at home. The 34-year-old PSG midfielder thanked fans for their support on social media after the win over Venezuela, adding “this is probably my last game in this shirt in Argentina.” The announcement came as Lionel Messi also questioned his international future.

Argentina’s Angel Di Maria on Friday, March 25, 2022, Alberto J. in Buenos Aires. A goal is scored during the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifier between Argentina and Venezuela at Armando Stadium.

Argentina Qualification World Cup 2022

Argentina Qualification World Cup 2022

Angel Di Maria said Friday that Argentina’s World Cup qualifier win over Venezuela could be his last game on home soil for the national team.

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The 34-year-old PSG star scored the second goal in the 3-0 win at La Bombonera, but later revealed that the game could be his last for Argentina.

“I want to say thank you for the love I’ve received,” she wrote. “I always dreamed of everything on that beautiful night.

“This will probably be my last game in Argentina in this shirt. I can say it was a great night.

“Thank you, thank you and thank you very much. Congratulations to the whole team for a great game. One of the best games in history. Together we grow and dream. Let’s go to Argentina!”

Lionel Messi Sitting Out Argentina World Cup Qualifiers With Chile And Colombia As Coronavirus ‘hit Him Hard’

The Albiceleste have already qualified for the World Cup, but will play against Ecuador and Brazil before an exhibition in Qatar in late November and early December.

FIFA has allocated two windows for matches before the World Cup. They are from May 30 to June 14 and from September 19 to 27.

Argentina face Italy in the “final” at Wembley on June 1 – a match between the Copa America and Eurocopa winners – and are now set for a rearranged tie against Brazil. With the date set, it means Di Maria’s chance to make an appearance in front of the home crowd ahead of the World Cup.

Argentina Qualification World Cup 2022

So, according to his social media post, Di Maria plans to retire after the World Cup, so he may have played his last game in blue and white on home soil.

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Messi said after Venezuela’s victory that he “doesn’t know” what he will do after the World Cup.

Messi did not comment on whether he would continue after the Blue Ribbon incident at the end of the year.

“I don’t know, I don’t know the truth. I think what’s coming, it’s close, Ecuador [Tuesday]. Preparation matches in June and September.

We hope it goes well. But surely a lot will change after the World Cup.

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Argentina travel to Isidro Romero Carbo’s Estadio Monumental on Tuesday to face Ecuador, four points ahead of Brazil.

Ecuador and Uruguay – along with Brazil and Argentina – have confirmed their places at Qatar 2022, with Peru, Colombia and Chile vying for fifth place and an inter-confederation play-off. They will be from Australia, United Arab Emirates. , Iraq or Lebanon.

March 29 marks the end of CONMEBOL when Peru hosts Paraguay, Colombia in Venezuela and Chile in Uruguay, with all but Brazil and Argentina, who face each other, qualified for the tournament. will be played again from September.

Argentina Qualification World Cup 2022

Saudi Arabia’s World Cup defender reveals Messi’s sarcasm during World Cup win 23.11.2022 12:36 Furious Ronaldo and Messi at World Cup, Mbappe attack Qatar – Warm-up 23.11.2022 07:59 vs It was time after the match ended. Argentina will battle with Chile for the last two spots at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Lionel Messi could have been a part of the game, but he is currently out due to COVID-19 restrictions. He’s no longer contagious, but he’s still PCR positive, meaning he can’t play until he tests negative. Coach Lionel Scaloni also had a positive attitude and did not travel to Chile for the game either. Chile desperately needed three points to keep their hopes of a place in Qatar alive, with Argentina feeling they could win without Messi. But they thought wrong.

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In the first half, Angel Di María drew the first blood with a great long-range goal and put the Albiceles ahead on the scoreboard. However, Chile responded quickly with a fine header from Watford’s Ben Britton. That result lasted just 14 minutes as Lautaro Martinez put the final nail in Chile’s coffin. He recovered DePaul’s long kick. It was enough for Argentina to defend the result throughout the second half. Even without Messi, this Argentina team continues to show why they are the reigning continental champions.

Despite losing to Argentina today, Chile will be hoping to finish on 16 points, only 3 behind Uruguay. Bolivia, Peru, Chile, Colombia and Uruguay are competing for fourth place. Chile face Bolivia next Tuesday for a place on the world’s highest mountain. Argentina has 32 points and qualified for the World Cup with only games left in the series. They face Colombia at home next Tuesday. Leo Messi will then be completely clear of Covid and should be fit to play.

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 tickets: What are the ticket prices for matches in Qatar? Lionel Messi will turn 39 when the 2026 World Cup arrives in four years’ time, suggesting his run to the 2022 FIFA Trophy could be the legend’s last for Argentina. The team has long qualified for Qatar 2022 as they look to help Messi win one of the biggest international trophies of his illustrious career.

He may have commented on his future plans on March 25. It was then that Messi produced an impressive performance at La Bombonera Stadium in Buenos Aires, beating Venezuela 3-0 at home in their final World Cup qualifier. 2022 World Cup. Messi seemed to relish the special occasion as he was awarded man of the match and one of his best performances of the season for club or country.

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Asked after the match whether he would continue to play in World Cup qualifiers after the 2022 World Cup, Messi said he hoped things would change.

“I don’t know. The truth is, I don’t know,” he told the media in translated comments after the game. “I’m thinking about what’s next, which is Ecuador [the last qualifier for the 2022 World Cup], then we have warm-up games in July, and I’m in September, October and then Qatar at the World Cup].

“Then I don’t know,” he continued. “After the World Cup [2022] I will have to rethink a lot, whether it’s right or not, hopefully for the best. But of course a lot will change after the World Cup.”

Argentina Qualification World Cup 2022

Messi made his debut for Argentina in September 2005 and scored an assist in his second game. At the start of the next World Cup qualifying campaign, he was the undisputed starter. If he was patient, he would play for his country.

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It’s been that way for years since then. But that time may be over. Messi is now 34 years old and some say his powers are waning. Of course, for his club, he doesn’t look like the player he used to be.

If this is his last World Cup game for Argentina, he can leave knowing that he has given his countrymen many memorable moments. Here’s a look at his World Cup qualifying record with Argentina.

But Messi will turn 35 in the summer of 2022 and it’s no wonder he wants to reconsider after the World Cup in Qatar. At his age, starting another four-year qualifying cycle could take its toll. South America had a grueling qualifying campaign with 18 matches spread over several years with matches played on all continents.

After Argentina lost the 2016 Copa América final to Chile on penalties, Messi announced his international career once. It was their fourth heartbreak in the finals of an international tournament, having lost two other Copa America games to Chile (2015) and Brazil (2007) and losing to Germany in the 2014 World Cup final. -0 chance. win over

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As is his style, Messi rarely does this.

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