Adidas World Cup Soccer Ball

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Adidas World Cup Soccer Ball – Adidas has announced that the official match ball for the 2022 FIFA World Cup™ will feature new connected ball technology, which will be used to improve the VAR system by providing match referees with higher levels of data and information to make faster and more accurate decisions. The biggest stage of all.

Unveiled in March this year, Al Rihla is the first official World Cup match ball to incorporate this innovation, providing video match officials with accurate ball data available in real time. Combined with the use of player position data and artificial intelligence, the innovative connected ball technology contributes to FIFA’s semi-automated offside technology and provides video assistant referees with real-time information to help optimize decision-making.

Adidas World Cup Soccer Ball

Adidas World Cup Soccer Ball

Adidas’ new suspension system houses and stabilizes a 500Hz Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) motion sensor in the center of the ball, providing incredible insight into every aspect of the ball’s movement, while making this technology invisible to players and not impacting its performance. Any performance. The sensor is powered by a rechargeable battery that can be charged by induction.

Adidas World Cup 22 Soccer Ball, Size 5

Developed in close collaboration with FIFA and KINEXON, leaders in the latest sensor networks and edge computing, this new technology enables video match officials to review live data for the first time, with the player automatically providing highly accurate information 500 times per second. the ball

This helps communicate offside situations and detect ambiguous touches, ultimately improving the quality and speed of the VAR decision-making process.

The connected ball technology has been rigorously and robustly tested (including blind tests) by many professional and grassroots football clubs around the world at the FIFA Arab Cup and FIFA Club World Cup 2021 in Abu Dhabi, with no detectable changes in performance.

“At adidas, we are committed to actively and consistently contributing to the improvement of the modern game for players and supporters. From the latest boot technology to clothing, kit and now connected ball technology that helps everyone make quick and accurate decisions to improve the experience, technology and innovation are at the heart of everything we do.”

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“This technology is the culmination of three years of dedicated research and testing by FIFA and our partner adidas to ensure the best experience for referees, teams, players and fans heading to Qatar this year. We look forward to seeing semi-automated offside technology, including connected ball technology, at the 2022 FIFA World Cup™ .

“As FIFA’s preferred provider of live player and ball tracking, our goal with adidas is to use the latest technology to improve the experience for everyone involved without changing the game of football. We are confident that connected ball technology combined with accurate live ball data will enable a new era of football analytics and fan experience.”

Al Rihla – the official match ball of the 2022 FIFA World Cup™ – will feature connected ball technology in all 64 matches of the tournament starting from the first leg on 21 November. FIFA directly maintains full ownership of the raw data and video captured during the 2022 FIFA World Cup™ using connected ball technology and provided to match officials.

Adidas World Cup Soccer Ball

Adidas is the world’s leading manufacturer of sports equipment. Headquartered in Herzogenarach/Germany, the company employs more than 61,000 people worldwide and generated sales of EUR 21.2 billion in 2021.

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Adidas is the world leader in soccer. It is the official supplier of the world’s leading football tournaments such as the FIFA World Cup™, UEFA European Championship, UEFA Champions League and Major League Soccer. Adidas sponsors some of the world’s top clubs, including Real Madrid, Manchester United, Arsenal, FC Bayern Munich and Juventus, as well as Germany (DFB), Spain (RFEF), Belgium (RBFA), Argentina (AFA), ) & (from January 2023) Italy (FIGC). Adidas also works with some of the best athletes like Leo Messi, Paul Pogba, Mohamed Salah, Paulo Dybala, Karim Benzema, Catarina Macario, Jude Bellingham, Vivienne Miedema, Trinity Rodman, Jennifer Hermoso, Serge Gnabry, Pedri, Zonobra. Felix, Lindsay Horan and Wendy Renard.

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The total file size of all these assets exceeds the GB limit, so please download the files separately. Adidas’ 14th consecutive World Cup ball is the fastest to appear in the competition, as the ball travels faster in flight than any other World Cup ball in history.

Al Rihla translates to “journey” in Arabic and the ball is inspired by Qatar’s architecture, traditional boats and flag. A vibrant color scheme and ball graphics appear on a pearl background. When the ball is in motion, the spectrum of colors comes alive for players and fans around the world to enjoy.

Designed from the ground up using data from adidas labs, wind tunnels and rigorous on-field testing, the Al Rihla delivers the highest levels of accuracy and reliability on the field, thanks in part to its new board shape and surface. Textures.

Adidas World Cup Soccer Ball

The Al Rihl Ball is the most eco-friendly World Cup ball to date, made with only water-based ink and glue. The ball features two new core part technologies in the form of CTR-CORE and SPEEDSHELL.

Adidas Al Rihla Club Football Fifa World Cup Ball Qatar 2022 New

CTR-CORE is an innovative core in the ball, adapted to improve accuracy and stability and support fast and accurate play with maximum shape and air retention, while SPEEDSHELL is a polyurethane (PU) skin of the ball with micro and macro textures. And the new 20-part plate shape improves aerodynamics, accuracy, flight stability and shot turn.

The launch in Qatar is the starting point of a journey of possibilities as Al Rihla will travel to locations around the world to create a series of dedicated activations. Each activation aims to help improve the access and equity experienced in local football communities in places like Dubai, Tokyo, Shanghai, Mexico City or New York.

Al Rihla, who will begin his journey in Qatar, will feature alongside World Cup giants Casillas and Kaka alongside iconic players Farah Jeffrey and Nouf Al Anji. They will be joined on the pitch by a diverse mix of talent, including aspiring female footballers from Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and some youngsters from the Aspire Academy.

Al Rihla will make their debut on a specially created pitch at the opening ceremony before being transported to the Saudi Arabian Football League’s first women’s champions Challenge FC and gifted as a permanent fixture in Riyadh, a long-term impact on a team currently without a permanent training facility.

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“At adidas, we believe sport belongs to everyone, so we are dedicated and active in improving access and equity for our global soccer player community. As part of this commitment, Al Rihla supports local communities while traveling the world with activities designed to create a lasting impact on the masses and beyond,” Nick Craggs, Football, Adidas General Manager said.

“We are proud to continue our work with a common goal, 1% of Al Rihla’s net sales supporting the movement, and together we are using football as a vehicle to create social change and meaningful impact on the lives of young people.”

Al Rihla is the first World Cup ball in the tournament’s 92-year history to directly contribute to raising funds to positively impact lives around the world, with 1% of Al Rihla’s net sales being donated to the Common Goal movement.

Adidas World Cup Soccer Ball

The adidas World Cup Ball 2022 Pro will be available on March 30 and will be available until April 12 exclusively for Police Officers from the adidas online store and adidas retail stores at an RRP of £140. Adidas has just launched the official match ‘Al Rihla’. Qatar 2022 World Cup Ball and the latest in a long streak spanning more than half a century. So what better time to look back at a legacy that spans 13 previous models and countless magical moments…

Why Players Always Hate The New World Cup Soccer Ball

For starters, here’s a question for you: Who made the official World Cup ball before Adidas?

Complicated, right? It’s tough because the three stripes have become synonymous with World Cup soccer balls since their debut, with Telstar, Pele and co effortlessly shooting the length of the pitch before Carlos Alberto pokes them powerfully into the net as Brazil beat Italy to seal the tournament win.

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