2014 World Cup Soccer Balls

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2014 World Cup Soccer Balls – The biggest sporting event of 2014, the FIFA World Cup in Brazil, is just a few months away and questions are being asked. Is the stadium ready? Is the airport ready for people?

But one problem stands above all others – and it could affect the fate of the prize: how does the ball move in the air?

2014 World Cup Soccer Balls

2014 World Cup Soccer Balls

The words “Love me or lose me” appear on the global billboard for Adidas’ new soccer ball, the Brazuca. They ask the reader to accept football as it is, and may be a subtle nod to the conversation with Brazuca’s forefathers: Jabulan and the team.

Final Rio Soccer Ball World Cup 2014 [size 5] By│rampage Sports 9145537811659

Adidas has produced every FIFA World Cup since 1970, an ideal opportunity to showcase the latest developments in ball design and technology. In 2006, they deviated from the norm with Teamgeist. Traditionally, a football is made of 32 hand-stitched boards. The Teamgeist has 14 panels that are heated (heat bonded) resulting in a more “marble like” ball than previous versions.

Change is not just beauty. Players using the ball have complained about the irregularity of the flight. For the next World Cup (South Africa, 2010) Adidas designed a great new ball – the Jabulan – with eight heated panels. Unfortunately, Ball’s criticism is stronger than it was four years ago. Many coaches and players have compared Yabulan to a beach ball, which works unpredictably.

What if it’s not true? The same fate befalls the new ball, the Brazuca, with six polyurethane panels? Many previous football-focused Barbies have commented on the unusual lightness – often compared to a beach ball – but both Teamgeist and Jabulani are under the 445g maximum limit (the lower limit is 420g).

Their radical design differs from a standard stud football in two ways. First, less paneling means shorter seams. According to my measurements, the football 32 board is about 405cm long, the Teamgeist 345cm and the Yabulani 203cm. Second, thermal bonding created a lower profile. A laser scan of Yabulan’s surface and the stitches on a football show that the stitches are twice the size of Yabulan’s stitches. This is not because the ball behaves like a beach ball, but because it is smooth.

World Cup Marketing

Adidas Jabulan 32 panel stitched football and laser scan profile. John Hart, Sports Technology Research Centre, Sheffield Hallam University

When air flows over a smooth, soft object, it hugs the surface until it passes completely, causing very little resistance. Air flowing through the sphere behaves differently, it separates from the surface and creates a low-pressure area behind it – a wake. Low pressure areas cause drag and slow the ball down. At low speed, the airflow is smooth (laminar) and separates at the beginning, creating a large wake and relatively high drag. As speed increases, the air becomes turbulent (swirled), helping the ball to lengthen, reducing the size of the wake and reducing drag.

Gets behind the football with small size (pictured left) and high air speed (pictured right). The difference in alarm size is obvious. Carre MJ, Goodwill SR, Haake SJ/Proc Inst Mech Eng Part C J Mech Eng Sci.

2014 World Cup Soccer Balls

Most importantly, the seams in the football disrupt the air, which helps it get to “low drag” at low speeds. I couldn’t play better smooth football; High root traction changes the behavior of the ball. In addition, at a certain speed, the ball can experience steady and chaotic airflow in different areas of the surface. An asymmetric wake that creates an imbalance in the force that pushes the ball in a certain direction. Cricketers and baseball players take advantage of this effect in their swing, while in football the impact occurs at a much lower speed, which is beneficial.

An Official 2014 World Cup Ball Is Pictured Before An International Friendly Soccer Match In Sion May 31, 2014. Reuters/denis Balibouse (switzerland

The figure below shows the drag behavior of a 32-board soccer ball at 60 miles per hour, where a rough or smooth approach is impossible. A turnover in football is created by throwing the ball.

How does the drag (measured by the drag coefficient) of a 32-panel football vary with airspeed? Wind tunnel information. Takeshi Asai, University of Ukuba, Japan

The shots that caused problems in 2006 and 2010 were flat because the ball turned less. The ball moved suddenly, turned suddenly and changed direction. Due to the smoothness of the ball, complex or uniform airflow can occur during ball speed shooting and free kicks. In addition, low spin causes the forces acting on the ball to change direction quickly and unexpectedly, resulting in an unstable flight. This corresponds to a certain length of a baseball called a knuckleball.

This effect can happen in other footballs as well, but more importantly, the rise of Jabulan and Teamgeist makes it happen more often, at a rate that is regularly experienced in the game.

A Replica Of An Adidas Brazuca Soccer Ball, The Official Ball For Sunday’s World Cup Final Match Between Germany And Argentina, Is Displayed During A News Conference At The Maracana Stadium In

Does the new Brazuca behave like this? There are two reasons why I don’t expect the same controversy at this World Cup. Although the Brazuca uses the previous generation’s heat sealing technology, the seams are much deeper. When working with this ball, clear and laser scans show a depth of 1.56mm, 50% deeper than our 32 board balls and three times deeper than Yabulani.

Adidas Brazuca fingerprint scan. John Hart, Sports Technology Research Centre, Sheffield Hallam University.

With six boards, Brazuca has the fewest boards in world football. However, I measured the length of the inseam to be 327 cm, larger than Jabulani. Each panel is shaped as a four-bladed fan, and the previous panel design does not have a large flat surface area, which helps to avoid the problem of complex or even air circulation.

2014 World Cup Soccer Balls

To further the argument, the picture below shows the football 32 boards, Brazuca and Jabulani. Note that the Brazuca is similar to a 32-board soccer ball and the Jabulani doesn’t engage in low drag until 90km/h, causing the chaos or smooth behavior described earlier.

Official Match Ball

Aerodynamic information on the 32-board football, Adidas Jabulan and Adidas Brazuca. Wind tunnel information. Takeshi Asai, University of Ukuba, Japan

Interestingly, the media furor over Yabulan’s strange behavior subsided once the match began in earnest. While players and coaches may find something to complain about in Brazuca, it’s not beach ball.

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2014 World Cup Soccer Balls


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