2014 Fifa World Cup Brazil

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2014 Fifa World Cup Brazil – We sat down with former FIFA producer Matt to discuss the merits of EA Sports releasing a second football game in six months.

With each annual release of EA’s FIFA series, there is one obvious but valid question that comes up more than any other. With game modes changing and games that only the most die-hard customers will recognize, is it fair for EA to release essentially the same game every year?

2014 Fifa World Cup Brazil

2014 Fifa World Cup Brazil

In the coming months, with the start of Brazil’s announcement of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, this question takes on greater importance. Released worldwide this April, this July’s officially licensed digital recreation of the World Cup will be the second full-price FIFA title to launch in six and a half months, following the release of FIFA 14 last September.

Fifa World Cup Brazil (xbox 360)

To try and understand the value of having so many FIFA titles available to users in such a short period of time, we spoke to Brazil 2014 FIFA World Cup producer Matt Prior to find out what makes his upcoming game worthwhile.

“We’re going to bring FIFA back to players so they really have a different experience than what they’re used to,” explained Pryor when told I already own FIFA 14 and want to know how the World Cup represents real progress, ‘that’s why we’ve changed the Game more than we’ve had for ‘event’ titles in the past. It is a full and rich game that captures the passion and atmosphere of the World Cup… We are the only game that delivers.

“From a game perspective, we were the best game when we launched because we took FIFA but made improvements to it. edge game’ So this is what happened.

With the Brazil World Cup release limited to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, it’s hard not to take the “first” claim with a grain of salt. The first experience of the game in action was an opportunity for me to be impressed with the animations of the new players (especially with regard to great passes and shots) and the ability to use the back of another player as a springboard to jump higher during headers, but I left without guarantees that the physics model in here is better than the one used in the next generation edition of FIFA 14.

Is 2014 Fifa World Cup Brazil One Football Game Too Many?

There’s no doubt that the Brazil World Cup represents the pinnacle of World Cup play so far, and Prior wants to promote it as the main reason FIFA 14 owners invested in the series right after the last one. Liberate.

“There’s also a lot of content that you don’t get in other FIFA games – 203 national teams, real World Cup stadiums and a whole atmosphere that we’ve created around it to match the real World Cup,” the forward enthused. said.

“It’s really the most exciting atmosphere we’ve ever been in. Regular FIFA cannot focus on one specific area as it has to cover many different leagues; they don’t have the luxury of focusing on making that one tournament a reality. possible representation, but we did it.”

2014 Fifa World Cup Brazil

For indoctrinated football fanatics, myself included, Pryor is right that digitally recreating the atmosphere of the most famous and important sporting event is enough to attract players. Trying to replicate what we’ll see on TV this summer in FIFA 14 without the official branding, kits, stadiums and samba music would be a pretty empty endeavor.

New Video Shows The Game Modes Of 2014 Fifa Wc Brazil

The obvious question then becomes, how valuable are the “event” games after the tournament in question is over?

“People play them after tournaments,” replied Prior. “The last people [of the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa] played for a few years after the World Cup, and we ran all the servers online so they could play multiplayer at that time.” However, it should be noted that EA shut down the servers for its World Cup 2010 matches in December 2011.

“I think the popularity continues because there are a lot of people who just go to the World Cup games. For these people, the World Cup is the only time they really care about soccer, and it’s the only soccer match they go to. …”.

For the casual FIFA fan tempted to enjoy the World Cup edition but not the ‘main’ edition, the extracurricular edition represents value for money. Whether or not this applies to the average buyer is less clear, and will likely be determined by how much time you spend playing World Cup matches, rather than watching World Cup matches while the tournament itself is being played.

Fifa World Cup: Guide To Collectors Coins

Despite the relatively short time that separates the release of this game from the release of FIFA 14, Prior wants to leave me with the certainty that the Brazil World Cup shows nothing but full support from the developers.

“No. We’re in production at the same time as FIFA 14, so it’s a completely different team,” Prior bluntly answered my question about whether the FIFA 14 team was rushed to create after the end of the first World Cup in Brazil. “We started [development] in September or October 2012, so we’ve been working on it for 16 months or so now.”

“It’s also a full team, it’s equivalent to [the size of] the team that worked on FIFA 14; it’s not just a few people changing the existing game. The whole team. It just takes too much effort.

2014 Fifa World Cup Brazil

With such a “feature-rich” game, it’s interesting to see the Brazil World Cup as a testing ground for FIFA 15, a relatively low-risk way to experiment with new features and gauge player response.

The Official 2014 Fifa World Cup Brazil(tm) Activity Book: Stead, Emily: 9781783120352: Books

“I wouldn’t say we’re using this game as a testing ground,” Pryor said. “We’re the latest evolution of the game engine, so yes, everything we do will naturally feed into future releases of the game engine and the series.

“Obviously the caveat to that is that we will monitor player feedback. If we hear that there’s something that people really don’t like about the game, and I’d be surprised if that happens, we’ll definitely do it. Take a look at this and reevaluate whether to continue doing this or not. A lot of what we do is driven by feedback from FIFA 14, so we’re listening to what players are saying.

In addition to in-game animations and player features, most of Brazil’s World Cup roster is filled with game modes and performance enhancements. One of the more interesting elements is the Story of Finals, a mode where you try to imitate or better the events that happened in the real World Cup. In the opening game of the tournament, Brazil take on Croatia, for example, a match that could see the tournament’s poster boy Neymar score a hat-trick; a feat that Final history can nominate you for equal. This scenario is promised to be available within one hour of the closure of the game in question.

However, what happens is that this kind of regime continues after the World Cup is over and England is done

Fifa World Cup Brazil Review

Speaking to Prior, it’s clear that a lot of effort has gone into making Brazil’s World Cup matches represent value for money and, as a stand-alone offering, it’s likely to provide a valuable amount of content. However, if you’re part of the regular FIFA crowd and haven’t spent your cash on FIFA 14 recently, the Brazil World Cup isn’t a stand-alone proposition; This is the second full priced FIFA game at half price. a year.

So the seriousness of your World Cup fever will determine whether you decide to double up on FIFA this year or not.

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2014 Fifa World Cup Brazil

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