2002 Fifa World Cup Game

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2002 Fifa World Cup Game – Adidas Fevernova has left its mark on football history in several ways. It was the first ball since 1978 not to be emblazoned with the Tango design. In addition, it was the last ball with 32 panels (Adidas used this panel structure in 9 World Cups since 1970). But Fever’s was also the last hand-stitched ball in the history of the World Cup. The official match ball for the next World Cup (Adidas Teamgeist) was already produced from glued panels, and this practice has continued ever since. Almost every manufacturer in the world’s ball production has adopted the Adidas innovation, which was launched at the European Championship in 2004 in the event that the Adidas Roteiro was the first thermally bonded ball. (It is interesting that in recent years the German Bundesliga has again played with hand-stitched balls, but the official balls are no longer supplied by Adidas, but under the name Select – Derbystar. This of course raises the question of how much innovation, the things that Adidas has invested in the development of balls in recent years, if they revert to the technology of twenty years ago in Germany.)

The 2002 World Cup was the first held in Asia, and also the first co-produced tournament. The event was jointly organized by South Korea and Japan, and the enormous effort of the hosts was symbolized by a new figure that replaced the Tango design, a golden meerkat with flame patterns.

2002 Fifa World Cup Game

2002 Fifa World Cup Game

Like the 1998 Tricolore, the Fevernova was made in Morocco, but had thinner inner layers than its predecessor, with a total of 11 layers in the ball and a thickness of just 3 millimeters. During the development, they refined the foam synthetic layer, which basically stabilizes the trajectory of the ball. In various speed tests, it was clear that the Fevernova could be fired at a speed of 130 km/h.

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Despite the innovations, the ball was received with mixed feelings, which is reflected in the opinions, another question is how much of a role commercial (marketing) interests played in them. Protégés of the manufacturer (eg David Beckham) had a good opinion of the Fevernova, while those on the opposite side of the branding battle (eg the Brazilians) reviled it, while most goalkeepers found the ball unpredictable. Anyway, FIFA didn’t care because they still wanted to see more goals.

The real match balls used in the 2002 FIFA World Cup in South Korea and Japan were made in Morocco

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So here I am going to criticize EA for its disgusting tactic of releasing basically the same game every six months. The FIFA series has often mocked the so-called video game industry: outraged journalists rage against it, PR people rant, but each incarnation continues to outdo the last regardless. For all the difference it makes, we might get the right jobs.

Still, there’s work to be done, and as always, I’m ready to take a detailed look at the latest incarnation of FIFA, in the hope that it will shed enough nuance for me to rise from my cynical stupor and take an FYI.

2002 Fifa World Cup Game

Let’s face it, I’ve had enough practice with these games in the past, and almost enough disappointments, that I should know what I’m talking about by now. In fact, the job I got from reviewing the FIFA series paid for most of my furniture.

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The reason the FIFA games do so well seems to be the same reason why the dastardly pope tops the music charts and romantic comedies fill the cinemas: a lot of people are happy with less. But that is their right. If people want to keep buying the same game, why not? As long as they’re happy.

If we go by the evidence so far, it’s hard not to believe that the 2002 FIFA World Cup will be anything but a sure thing to be among the biggest sellers of the summer. However, one wonders how sales in this country would have been affected if Beckham’s final free-kick against Greece went the way of his previous eight attempts and England were then knocked out in the final. A golden nugget, indeed. Sven’s boys are heading east (and I’m joining them) and this annoyingly named official game gives any honest Englishman a chance to attempt the impossible. Or you can play as France.

Reportedly in development for over a year, the World Cup is, of course, “completely different” from FIFA 2002. It’s different in the same way that a thrush on a wire is different from a thrush on a wire. It is in no way a reflection of the quality of the game, just a vulgar analogy. The gameplay has been changed slightly, the biggest change being the addition of so-called stars. In the England national team, for example, David Beckham is an exceptional passer, while Michael Owen has the pace of a whip. Fair enough, but they simply reflect player characteristics and should be on by default. On the field, the stars are recognizable not only by the star that floats above, but also by the blurring of their movements when they run, and the fact that their strikes resemble meteorites, full of flaming trails. Frankly, it’s absurd and gives the game a somewhat cartoony feel, although purists might find that off-putting.

Otherwise, it’s mostly a game we know and don’t like. Passing seems to be slightly improved, and finding teammates is mostly possible. However, passing the ball in the air is mostly a worthless tactic, as goals in the lead are rare. The best trick is to throw the ball to the striker in the area and hit it as hard as possible towards the goal. It’s not subtle, but it’s effective, and exciting gameplay is not uncommon. More a test of playing ability than football feel, it requires an almost physical effort to succeed, frantically pressing the sprint button and battling the opposition for possession.

Fifa World Cup Korea/japan™

The slide takedown is exaggerated as always, making it something of a lottery, while the leg approach involves a lot of leaning into the player, making it akin to wrestling. Tricks are reduced to solitary shimmies, and the ball can be bent both when passing and when shooting. The concept of sending players running and putting the ball in front of them remains and when it comes is very effective, although the ball will often go to a different player than intended. But with training, it is possible to play something like football, and it is certainly not easy at anything but the amateur and beginner level, with a big jump to professional and world class.

EA says its main goal was to recreate the atmosphere of the biggest show in the world, and it certainly achieved that. The stadiums look amazing, and while I can’t vouch for their exact authenticity yet, I’m looking forward to being there (although I might miss the dog noodles). Again, John Motson and Andy Gray provide commentary, seemingly paid for by the Japanese and Korean tourism boards, spending almost as much time waxing lyrical about the benefits of the local environment as describing the action.

It may be full of mistakes – 12 substitutions, Ronaldo starts at left midfielder – but as an official item it’s certainly a lot classier than the Big Brother Bubble and Dean’s World Cup record. Ultimately, the best way to look at it is as an interactive wall map. When the real thing starts, you’ll know your Saitama from your Yokohama and be able to discuss the rise of African nations with some confidence. And as a bonus, there’s enough play to fill the month leading up to the r-tournament. Then the real fun begins.

2002 Fifa World Cup Game

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