2002 Fifa World Cup Ball

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2002 Fifa World Cup Ball – Adidas Fevernova has written in football history in several ways. It is the first ball since 1978 not to be decorated with the Tango design. Additionally, it was the last ball with 32 rebounds (adidas has used this rebound structure in 9 World Cups since 1970). However, Fevernova also became the last handball goal in the history of the World Cup. The official ball of the next World Cup (Adidas TeamGist) was made of glued panels, which is still in use today. Almost every ball manufacturer in the world has adopted Adidas’ innovation, the first thermal ball introduced during the Adidas Roteiro during the 2004 European Championship. (Interestingly, the German Bundesliga has been playing volleyball for the past few years, but the official ball is not supplied by Adidas, but by the name Selection-Derbistar. This naturally raises the question of how much innovation Adidas has invested in ball development in recent years. .(They pioneered the technology in Germany twenty years ago. If it comes back.)

The 2002 World Cup was the first to be held in Asia. The event was co-hosted by South Korea and Japan, and a new gold surikan with a fire pattern replaced the tango design, reflecting the hard work of the organizers.

2002 Fifa World Cup Ball

2002 Fifa World Cup Ball

Like the 1998 tricolor, the Fevernova was made in Morocco, but with a thinner inner layer than its predecessor, with a total of 11 layers on the ball and a thickness of just 3 millimeters. During development, they developed a more synthetic layer to stabilize the ball’s path. Tests at different speeds show that Fevernova can reach 130 km/h.

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Despite its novelty, the ball’s mixed reception reiterated the idea that another question is how much of a role it plays in business (marketing) interests. Those close to the producer (eg David Beckham) thought well of Fevernova, but those on the opposite side of the brand war (eg Brazilians) scoffed that most goalkeepers could not predict the ball. However, FIFA didn’t care because they wanted to see more goals.

The ball used in the 2002 FIFA World Cup in South Korea and Japan was produced in Morocco.

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We are in the process of creating a FAQ page about the ball. So we have to tell you what to read. So while we’re at it, you can send us your ball-related questions and we’ll answer them in this section. It was the official ball for the 2002 FIFA World Cup in South Korea and Japan. Its style is different from the traditional tango ball design.

The balloon consists of 11 layers, and a special foam layer 3 mm thick is inserted in the form of a balloon filled with gas. The outer cover is made of a combination of polyurethane and rubber.

Fevernova colors differ from the tango pattern in that each hex is separated from the connected triangles, while the contrasting triangles are combined on the four hexes. It is a colorful and revolutionary look, and the use of colors is based on Asian culture (the black and gold triangle looks like a big pile, the red line in the corner looks like a calligraphy brush). It provides better ball characteristics with a refined syntactic foam layer and a three-layer woven chassis, allowing for more accurate and predictable flight paths.

2002 Fifa World Cup Ball

He scored a great goal in this tournament. The ball led to several crises in the knockout stages.

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This ball was used in 2002-03 Bundesliga matches by Bayer 04 Leverkusen, Bayern Munich, Hansa Rostock, 1. Nürnberg and Schalke 04.

The ball was used in 2003-04 Bundesliga matches by Bayer 04 Leverkusen, Freiburg SC, Bayern Munich, Hansa Rostock and Schalke 04.

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